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The Talent River Mindset

We are an advisory specializing in improving the speed and quality of your employee hiring outcomes. Talent River is the metaphor we use to drive the case for change.


We ask you to imagine a world where talent no longer waits in a "talent pool" for you to fish them out. Rather, imagine they are in a river racing past you.  It evokes a mindset that challenges old assumptions, poor candidate centricity, slow processes and outdated technology. It's about enabling a future where consumer grade candidate experience, delivered at ludicrous speed, becomes possible.


We first used the phrase "Talent River" in 2019 as we tried to explain to a company why their Talent Acquisition strategy was failing. They thought they needed better "Talent Pools".  I headed up an emerging technology team and we believed their challenges were much deeper than that. "Talent River" reset the narrative..

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Introduction to The Talent River Mindset

Talent River: Begins the moment talent first experiences your employment brand and continues through their journey to become part of your workforce. Mindset: The humble recognition that Talent is swimming ever-quickly past us. We must recognize our paradigms and adapt.

The Hatching of an Ideap

The genesis for the Talent River Mindset came from an uncomfortable meeting with a prospective client. As a senior level expert working in the RPO industry, our sales and delivery teams would often engage me for help, but it was usually part of a sales process, or to fix a struggling program. In this case the client was insistent that a “talent pool” would solve their recruitment problem so my team was asked to present our talent pool technologies. But prior to our meeting we did an analysis and uncovered many other significant and more pressing process and technology issues.  During the sales pitch I raised the issues and it became a debate. In the heat of the moment, I said “You don’t need a talent pool, you need a Talent River”. The salesperson took a deep breath, I had just told a prospect they were wrong. Fortunately, the customer didn’t end our meeting, in fact it led to a breakthrough in dialog. Together we reimagined a new Talent River. How can we help you reimagine your new Talent River?

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