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About Me

Talent Acquisition Transformation Consultant

I've been in the talent acquisition space for almost 30 years and bring global expertise in people, process and technology transformation. Working in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry taught me how to diagnose root cause, align with the customer and design people, process, and/or technology solutions. I usually implemented and managed the programs so my designs had to work!

Tim Meehan


US Central Time Zone



Recruitment Success was assumed, these experiences required more than that.

Change Management

This global OEM wanted to outsource their entire TA function, starting with their engineering recruitment team.  From there, they wanted to add in other corporate functions and their plants.


This meant we had to deliver early results, and a change management plan to ensure on going success.


We used the Kotter Change Model and eventually supported all of North America, as well as internal mobility reqs with Japan and Australia. The solution also included University recruitment, including school relationship management.​

Return on Investment

This financial institution wanted to create a new centralized recruitment function. Their backlog of unfilled roles was impacting sales and worrisome compliance risks were growing.


This meant we needed to deliver expertise and cost transparency to ensure stakeholder buy-in.

We hired a new team, correlated reduced cycle time to increased revenue, and conducted a time study to prove we reduced total cost. Finally, we implemented a local branch chargeback model to ensure those receiving the service valued it.

New Technology

This global e-commerce company was unprepared to meet their peak hiring needs. Time was of the essence. They wanted  a low human touch recruitment technology solution.

This meant we needed to quickly build a platform and assign technology savvy resources.


Within 13 weeks we deployed an integrated career site/CRM, with programmatic advertising, screening bot and on-demand video interviewing. The first day generated over 5K screened applicants! We called it "The World's First Recruiterless RPO"

A Bit More (if you want)

I'm a fanatical tomato grower, cook, world traveler, husband, father and grandad! 


I grew up in New Jersey, went to High School in NYC and graduated college with degrees in Political Science and Economics. After graduating I moved to California and started my career in the printing industry. I earned an MBA from the University of Southern California and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. By age 35, I was VP of Marketing for a $600M company. But technology was disrupting the printing industry and soon all the companies I knew and competed against would be gone. This profoundly impacted my views, I learned no one, no company, is safe from disruption.

I entered the staffing industry in the mid 90's. My responsibilities grew from local to global client management, including an expat assignment in Singapore.  Later, my career shifted into RPO Sales, Delivery, Product Management and then TA Technology roles. These experiences gave me a deep global view into the processes, people and techs that drive the Talent Acquisition value proposition. 


Today, I worry about the future of those working in the Recruitment Industry. Technology will reduce cycle time from months to minutes. Recruiting skills will need to change from sourcing people to configuring technology. HR leaders will need to make the business case for better technology, not more people. That's where I come in. I want to help my peers in our industry adapt and succeed. 

Tim Meehan


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