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Talent River Consulting

River Report: This is where we often start. Over the many years I've been in RPO I've learned to quickly assess a company's recruitment capability. We take an outsider look at your Career Site, Tech-Stack, ATS, EVP and more. We are happy to meet with you and share what we see/suspect, for no charge. If you want to proceed, we can define the scope and fee. 

Advisory Offering: Often the River Report leads to additional work, which might include: (1) Recruitment process performance, metrics and/or analysis and recommendations; (2) Current versus future tech-stack options; (3) tech vendor identification, negotiation and/or selection; and/or (4) help building your business case. These are typically priced using our daily rate since the scope is often hard to define up front. Although we are amenable to a fixed priced project.

RPO Support

RPO Business Case: It's often true that an RPO's capability and financial considerations can be compelling. But outsourcing recruitment responsibility and accountability is a big step. We find that culture, leadership support, IT enablement and functional buy-in are all critical considerations. We can help you build the business case, but it will all come down to one slide, which we call "Philosophical Decision Points".

Advisory Offering: If you choose to pursue RPO we can help you craft your requirements, identify, shortlist and select the RPO's and even provide oversight during implementation. We can also help you manage an existing or new RPO relationship if you need an expert.

Tech Stack Advisory

Caution: We seldom start our consulting with this type of work. We have years of experience attaching great technology to horrible Talent Rivers so expect us to challenge you (for free) before we go down this road. 

Advisory Offering:  We can help you craft  a business case for technology investment. We take an analytical approach so expect us to seek data to understand and hypothesize how a tool might impact your processes, metrics and resourcing.  Our experience has shown that the best technology in the world is often but a fraction of the cost of the people you employ. Are you ready for that tradeoff conversation? 

Fractional / Interim Exec

We all need expert help from time time time

  1. Fractional Exec: Do you have a need for on-going work, but it's not a full-time job? Or you or someone on your team needs on-going coaching?

  2. Interim Exec: Did you lose your TA Leader at a bad time? Or maybe you have a new RPO program you need someone to manage while you figure it all out? 

How can we help? 

Trade Services

There are three constituencies we support:

  1. Technology Companies: Are you an EMEA or APAC based tech company? Do you need a credible, fractional executive based in the US to represent your technology? We can handle inquires, follow ups and client management.

  2. RPO Companies: Are you trying to grow your RPO business and need counsel? Tap into our many years of experience for help develop your offerings*.  

  3. Staffing/Advisory Companies: We may need you, or you, us. Our client niche is problem analysis, tech-stack guidance and business case preparation. But we can also provide you with a "Fractional Resource" for your team, or client.


Our preference is to work with you for the long term, so consider us your "fractional resource". Typical support is 4 hours per week, billed monthly at a very reasonable cost. Of course we offer daily rates and project pricing. Let's talk!

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